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Parmigiano Reggiano

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Cream spread of Parmigiano Reggiano

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Grana Padano

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Consorzio del Formaggio Parmigiano-Reggiano Consorzio per la Tutela del Grana Padano
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Parmigiano Reggiano

Cream spread

Cream of Parmigiano Reggiano Plain
Cream of Parmigiano Reggiano
with Mushrooms
Cream di Parmigiano Reggiano
with Truffle

The "Boni" PDO Parmigiano Reggiano spread is ideal, in a simple and quick way, for several uses and recipes: as appetizer on croutons and toasts, as seasoning for risotto, pasta and soups. It is also perfect with meat and vegetables.
Simply spread on bread it gives taste to an energizing break after study or sport. Parmigiano Reggiano spreads do not contain preservatives.

Features: delicious taste of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Soft, thick, easy to be spread. Once heated up it gets fluid, perfect for seasoning.

 Average nutritional values in 100 gr.
 of Parmigiano Reggiano
 Energetic value  Proteins  Carbohydrates  Fats
 891 Kj / 214Kcal  15 g  3 g  16 g

Use: seasoning of pasta and soups, side dish for meats, garnishing of vegetables dishes with fresh vegs, hot snacks, croutons, bread and pizza.
Storage: to be kept refrigerated, once open it has to be consumed within seven days.

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The Chef advises:

"Give the following recipes your personal touch by adding Parmigiano Reggiano Cream, Plain, with Pore Mushrooms or Truffle; they will get a great success!" »

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